Nonfiction Hollywood: Rumors, Secrets, Truths & Lies by a B-List Actor

... is all true. I was there and will share with you my stories about working with Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake, Morgan Freeman, John Ritter, Carl Weathers, Carrie Anne Moss, Blake Edwards, Ronn Moss ..., and so many more. If you like Bold and Beautiful, Street Justice, Skin Deep and so many other movies I worked on, then this is the gossip you want to hear.


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Vampires (€) X

VampireS (€) X ... is a memoir of secrets revealed. Relentless, painfully honest, thrillingly intimate, a true account of anguish and immortality told by an author in hiding who after 1000 years might still walk amongst us.

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FATHER EARTH Book I Battle for the Templum of Teendom ... on his thirteenth birthday, a terrified boy crosses over to a fantastical world where every battle is real and one loss means goodbye. Just as the reluctant teen overcomes his fears, fate provides him with two impossible choices: stay and fight for both Earths' survival or run away and kill the human race.

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