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I Am Demon. And God. The Last Of My Kind. Read My Story At Your Own Peril.

A memoir of secrets revealed. Relentless, painfully honest, thrillingly intimate, a true account of anguish and immortality told by an author in hiding who after 1000 years might still walk amongst us

About the Book

A stunning memoir unlike any other in the genre, for the author, promises to dispel every lie, myth, and fable told in all the made-up stories ever written about vampires. Spanning across continents and centuries from New York City to Italy to North Africa and deep into jungles of the Mayan Coast, the author weaves a relentless tale of wars, dining with Bram Stoker, living through plagues, and dancing with madness while divulging the realities of being an immortal whose gender is the biggest enigma of all. This tsunami of revelations leads to the unimaginable: how anyone, whether mortal or immortal, can still turn a human into a vampire. If you do not believe this journal is NONFICTION as soon as you start reading you will.

From the next page forward, every word is from this journal’s author. If you do not read this memoir in one sitting; if instead, you decide to go to sleep—DO NOT TURN OFF THE LIGHTS. Believe me! The author does not require and an invitation to enter your home…that is a myth! This is—The Truth.

Publisher: Bryan Genesse
Publication Year: 2018
ASIN: 1723921165
ISBN: 9781723921162
List Price: 14.99
eBook Price: $2.99
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